Shipping and returns

Envío del paquete

1. Shipping orders will be carried out through the DHL shipping company.

2. Shipping time is determined depending on the area that the user has requested the purchase is sent, shipping times can be seen We are not responsible for delivery time, shipping times are the responsibility of the company DHL,

3. KYPOUTFIT be responsible for delivering the company DHL within 1 or 2 business days following the purchase purchased the company DHL and subsequently garment company DHL who will be responsible for shipping and the same time.

4. It is essential to the delivery of products that payment has been made effective condition.

5. When you have made the payment, kypoutfit verify the order and the terms described in the format sent and will proceed to send.

6. The delivery of products covered by the order will be delivered to the address that the user has included in the format sent (only in case that the target area is accessible by the carrier).

7. It is understood that any person who is in the direction where the delivery must take place, is duly authorized by the user to receive their order, and thus the delivery made in this way are considered valid and with it both kypoutfit as the company DHL will have fulfilled the obligations they have acquired about it, being exonerated from any responsibility for such delivery. If no one receives the request in the designated address, company DHL shall leave or products in the company's headquarters closer to the target area DHL, the company DHL will try to contact the recipient only two (2) times for the user to the product recall by the company headquarters indicated DHL after this if lograsen not communicate with the user, the product or products shall be returned to the headquarters of the company in the country, in this case, the expenses generated by this transfer, paid by the user. If the user fails to apply for forwarding in the term indicated, or cancel the additional value by forwarding within the time limits, kypoutfit may withdraw from the business.

8. Do not accept returns.

9. To all deliveries made, the person receiving must sign a delivery guide the manager of the company DHL to deliver your order.

kypoutfit is not responsible for the goods or is required to answer for damages, total or partial loss of the product once leaving our warehouse and be delivered to the company DHL. Once the waybill issued by the company DHL, Kypoutfit is released from liability for any loss, damage, deterioration or theft of goods. In case of loss or theft of goods during shipping User is subject to the policies that the company has existing parcels.

10. an acquired goods or on Saturdays or Sundays shall be filled.

11. We are not responsible for the extra costs of tax and / or customs of your destination country