About us

We are a family business born from the fascination with sports and finding the best to go training OUTFIT stumbled on these items of excellent quality.

A showcase with a variety of sports brands that produce garments with best fabrics of the market, making it even more motivating sporting activity you choose to make.

Fabrics like Supplex fabric and intelligent are the raw material of our exclusive brands, providing as follows:

Comfort: one size to be easily adapted to any body, from size 24 to size 30.

Freshness: DRY FIT system allows the garment to dry easily and that the body stay cool during any sport.

Innovation: their latest fashion designs, make them one musthave for every woman who not only like sports but also look good doing it.

Security and trust: no show through under any circumstances and allows hide imperfections such as cellulite, because it fits like a new skin shaping your figure.

Quality: do not fade with the passage of time or discolour when washed.